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We believe in building Community. We purposefully show how we value the thoughts and feelings of every person in our community.  

We believe that Healthy Peer Relationships make our school a better place. We constantly reflect on our words and actions, and we strive to be kind and respectful to every person in our community.  

We believe that we have the power to build Positive Self-Esteem in others as well as ourselves. We seek to become the best versions of ourselves and we compassionately help and encourage every person in the community to do the same.

We believe that a spirit of Volunteerism is essential to the good of the community. We help in big ways and in small ones, not for our own personal gains or recognition, but because we aim to be gracious and generous people.

We believe that Leadership comes in many forms, all of them valuable. We build on our leadership strengths, work to improve our leadership challenges, and encourage leadership of all kinds in every person in our community.  

We seek to build community not only during classes but also in our hallways, the lunch area and during recess- typically overlooked times and places that we refer to as our “Gray Areas.” In these Gray Areas, we make a special effort to connect with others, be inclusive, and keep our eye toward building community.

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Community Core

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