The overarching goal of our physical fitness program is to expose each student to the fundamentals of making positive health decisions and pursuing personal wellness.

We aim to inspire all students such that these habits and mindsets will stay with them, and grow over the course of their lives. 

The overall program involves two major areas of learning: 

Physical activity and fitness includes activities that address concepts of motor skills development, increasing strength and endurance, and individual and team performance. 

Personal health and wellness focuses on the relationship between physical activity, fitness and good health, as well as behaviors and decisions that contribute to personal health and wellness.

Each school day, every student spends about one hour in various aspects of physical activity and fitness, as well as learning about making positive health decisions. Each student is observed ​throughout the school year to ensure that she is participating in all aspects of the program, and extending her skills and understanding with respect to living a healthy lifestyle and overall personal wellness. Additionally, grade-specific learning standards have been defined to guide students on a continuous path to success.​


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