We effectively combine comprehensive ELA and History curricula to create a rich and empowering program for our students. Our educational philosophy is one that appreciates and celebrates each individual’s unique learning style through differentiated instruction and cooperative learning that addresses and activates multiple intelligences.

Humanities is our platform for teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, research, and presentation skills. The program is designed as an integrated and thematic four-year educational continuum with skills, challenges, and expectations evolving and advancing from grade to grade.    

For the language arts component, students cultivate essential skills such as questioning, perspective, and self-awareness that turn them into powerful readers, writers and critical thinkers. The program emphasizes expressing one’s thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through an understanding of organization, outlining, editing, and revising.

For History, learning is guided by essential questions designed to enable students to better understand the world and their place in it. We achieve this through four interconnected and graduated, year-long themes: “Know Yourself,” “Know Your World,” “Know Your Rights,” and “Know Your Voice.” Combined, the ELA and History units give our students the requisite skills and content for high school and beyond. Just as importantly, we equip them for a lifelong educational journey enriched by creativity and collaboration.


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