SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading. It is a dedicated time for independent pleasure reading during which our reading muscles strengthen along with the OSS culture of literacy. The more kids practice and enjoy reading, the better the read. 

Why do we practice SSR?
The research overwhelmingly supports consistent time for students to read at school and shows that it leads to improvement in comprehension, better attitudes towards reading, better vocabulary, better writing skills, better spelling, greater knowledge of literature, science and other background knowledge (Krashen 1993). 

Other Pay-offs from SSR
SSR provides our community with a “soft landing” transition after lunch and before afternoon classes and activities. Our students need some quiet time built in their mega 11-hour day. It also supports our core values of Community and Excellence. We share the experience and joy of reading together, talk about our reading, make book recommendations, and see peers and at least one adult positively engaged in the reading process. We help each other develop stronger reading stamina and become more literate people.

And here is the link to the audio books.

Sustained Silent Reading

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