The goal of the Secondary School Program is to fully support the girls and their families during the transition to high school. It is designed to ensure that each girl’s interests, aptitudes and her family’s goals will be met with the best secondary school option. Students learn test taking strategies, practice and develop interviewing skills, and research both public and independent high school options. They learn and practice decision making strategies during this process. Exposure to career planning also begins in this two year program.

Many OSS graduates are highly competitive for independent school financial aid. Strong work ethic, determination, and academic drive make our graduates sought after candidates for both independent and public schools. The goal of this program is to help each student and her family find the best school match.

Our Sisters' School is committed to preparing our students for success in high school, postsecondary education and beyond.  Our graduates succeed in competitive courses in high school and are well prepared for college. By succeeding in these programs, by graduating from college or obtaining advanced certification from various training programs, these girls will be helping to change the cycle of poverty that has challenged New Bedford, bringing new hope to their families and to the entire community.

For additional information about the OSS Secondary School Program, please contact Laurie Knight at 508-994-1255 ext. 308, or email

Secondary School Program

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