In 2016 Our Sisters’ School started a student council group that inspires and empowers youth to build community through events and activities. We practice our Our Sisters’ School Community Core Values to engage in meaningful programming and community outreach. Student Council includes dedicated students from grades 6, 7, and 8. Over 65% of our student body chooses to actively participate in developing their leadership and citizenship by committing to an intense year-long journey with our Student Council.

Students choose subcommittees based on their interests, and in this way, strengthen skills and build their capacity to think critically about their community. School events like the cardboard challenge, fall festival, spirit week, and field day are all planned, prepared, and led by the student council. Weekly Student Council meetings provide structured time for students to successfully complete their projects. Students are also required to contribute additional time outside of our scheduled meeting to maximize our impact. Each subcommittee has a chair that leads the group and delegates tasks among every team member. Together we are learning to become strong role models who better our communities.

Within student council we have partnered with Students in Action (SIA) read more...

Student Council

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