Within student council we have partnered with Students in Action (SIA), a national organization that works specifically to empower students to be positive change agents in their communities. The mission statement for our SIA project is, “With our Our Sisters’ School values in mind, we are working to inspire and empower young people, especially young women, to be community minded leaders and positives agents for change in the world.” Everyone in the student council has chosen to participate in this project, requiring additional subcommittees specific to our mission statement. Our Empower Project includes the following subcommittees lead by students: Our Hands to Yours, Living Wax Museum, Self-ESTEAM, and HerStory. In each of these subcommittees we work to live up to our mission statement through our hardwork and dedication.

Through our SIA efforts we also participate in a non-profit initiative called Think Give, which is a very important part of our student council. Think Give is a program that allows us to consider ever more concrete ways of giving back. For us, it emphasizes the power of small acts of kindness and the ability to give no matter what. Every few weeks we have a different Think Give challenge that the whole Student Council participates in, even the advisors. The challenges are usually to give specifically to a certain group of people, such as friends or family members. Each week during our organizational meetings, we log our gifts and write reflection notes in our ThinkGive accounts.

Students in Action

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