As each new year begins summer camp opportunities are discovered, and by the end of May, 100% of our students are committed to some kind of summer camp learning experience. Studies show that kids who are engaged in learning and are active during the summer months retain more of what they learn in school, and return to school more ready to learn than their sedentary counterparts.

Our students return to school with excited comments like, "I learned how to fly a spinnaker!" or "I climbed a mountain and slept in a tent!" With the help of generous donors and these organizations, Our Sisters' School students are able to learn throughout the year.

Summer camps OSS students attended:
Bishop Stang High School
Camp Wonderland
Community Boating of New Bedford
Driftwood Leadership Ranch Camp, Northfield, NH
Girls' Leadership Camp at Kimball Union Academy
Friends Academy Summer Program
Kroka Expeditions
Lloyd Center for the Environment
OSS Math Camp
Sea Lab Marine Science Education Center of New Bedford
Summer Stars at the Northfield Mount Hermon School Camp for the Performing Arts
Tabor Academy Summer Program
The Educational Opportunities Fund
The Herreshoff Marine Museum Sailing School
Trips For Kids
Winsor Mountain Camp
YMCA Southcoast
YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts

Summer Programs

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